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We’d like to thank Ann Faulds for her presentation on:  “Helping the City of Chester Adopt Climate Adaptation Planning Elements” at our last Speaker Series meeting at the West Chester Borough Building.   She’s provided the Power Point Presentation so if...

Speaker Series 11-11-15: Power Point Presentation available,

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Thank you Bruce for your nearly 10 years of dedicated and devoted time as a 4CP Board Member.  Your accomplishments as both Treasurer, President and 4CP e-mail communications are greatly appreciated.  While Bruce has stepped down as a Board member...

Thank you Bruce Arnold,

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A big thanks to Karen Melton and the newsletter contributors for this version of our newsletter. SEPOCT_4CPNL_2015 (2)   If you have comments or suggestions please contact us using the “Contact Us” button on the home web page.   Don’t...

September/October 4CP Newsletter 2015,

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Phil DeSenze of the USDA Forest Service will be speaking on this topic on December 9th, 2015 in Room 240 at the West Chester Borough Building, 401 E. Gay Street.  The meeting will start at 7pm.   Mr. Desenze is...

December 9th Speaker Series: Forest Climate Adaptation and Mitigation,

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What 20 years ago was regarded by many as science fiction is today a crisis. Respected scientists have reached the consensus man has only 10 years before we irretrievably damage our atmosphere. This damage is being primarily caused by greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide and methane which prevent the re-radiation...

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