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    Please find our current Newsletter:  NOV_4CPNL_2013 Also attached is the 10 takeaways from the 2013 IPCC report from 4CP Board member, Dr. Gerry Bricks: NOV_4CPNL_2013 supplement.     We encourage you to provide feedback or comments through our FaceBookPage , or on our comments sections of our

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    We like Feedback. Remember – Global Warming is Irreversible! Write to us at July Big Concerns Solutions Fun Stuff Answer the Question & Win a Prize

  • June 2012 Newsletter

    We like Feedback. Remember – Global Warming is Irreversible! Write to us at June Issues - Scary Solutions Neat Stuff Identify the Picture

  • Dec 2011 Newsletter

    Global Warming:    We are going to discuss “Solutions” this Month Let’s Recap from last month: 1.       World headed for irreversible climate change 2.       Permafrost  &  Peat Bogs warming  will  release  massive amounts of GHG:  CO2 and Methane 3.       CO2 traps more heat causing lots of Bad things from Crop failures; To more intense storms; To acidic oceans 4.       Where does most of above CO2 come ?  Mostly from Coal; Mostly to produce electricity. 5.       Congress is in a grid lock. Many won’t admit the Science is