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  • March 2011 Newsletter

    Dow Chemical to Invest $100m in Energy Efficiency Why isn’t every Company doing this? Dow Chemical will invest $100 million in energy efficiency and conservation improvements through an internal competition, the company announced yesterday. The company will award the capital to its business units and manufacturing sites that present projects with the greatest impact in several key performance areas, including reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and associated cost savings. So far, Dow business units have submitted about 60 projects, with a value of over $500 million, which the company estimates would save

  • April 2011 Newsletter

    APRIL : Methane Leaks from Fracking May be Huge! This study from Dr Howarth at Cornell will cause a huge storm!  But the criticism so far is that the Prof relies on weak data. Ok - industry must produce better data. If you would like a copy of this Report’ Email: The conclusion is that the carbon footprint from natural gas obtained by hydro -fracking is much bigger than that from conventional wells and even worse than coal on a 20 yr time frame and just as bad on a 100 yr global warming calculation d- due to large leaks. Some issues that