2014 Gene Wilson Award Luncheon held 10/23/14

The 5th Annual Gene Wilson Award Luncheon was held at the Lower School Gathering Room at Westtown School.  It is named after Gene Wilson, a founding member of 4CP and the original recipient in 2010.

Surrounded by the joyful sounds and future sustainable environmentally aware school children studying and playing in the active school, over 40 participants joined together to honor Dr. Paul Morgan,  Chair of the “Education for Sustainability” program at West Chester University in the School of Professional & Secondary Education.  Dr. Morgan has been instrumental in the development of the Education for Sustainability program and has had a very strong hand in programs at WCU to move toward 100% renewable energy on campus.  http://www.wcupa.edu/sustainability/sustainability.asp

The annual event is held at Chester County locations that exemplify a commitment to sustainability in their operations.   Westtown School was choosen for this year’s event because of its dedication and on-going action to both educate students and to reduce its carbon footprint through sustainability measures.  http://www.westtown.edu/page.cfm?p=529.  Thank you Westtown!

The 4CP Board would also like to thank PennFuture for cosponsoring the event.  www.pennfuture.org

We would like to also thank the representatives that provided commendations for Dr. Paul Morgan.

Please find attached pictures of the event: GWA 2014 Photos 102314

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