Monthly Speaker Public Series

Here is the listing for the Public Monthly Speaker Series, held the first Wednesday of each month at the West Chester Borough Building, Room 240, 401 E. Gay Street:

SPEAKER SERIES -  1 st Wed. Nt  each month (7-9 PM) ; West Chester, Pa..

Municipal Bldg on 401 east Gay st. ; cross st is Adams.

2013 Remaining Months Series (as of 9-9-13):

●       Oct. 3 (Thurs):The New Climate Reality. Special presentation by Dr. Diane M. Phillips at the Hankin Library in Chester Springs, PA starting at 6:30pm in lieu of the regular Weds monthly meeting in West Chester.

●       Nov. 6: Dr. Gerard Bricks will speak on Climate Change, National Security, and the Department of Defense. He will discuss why the DoD assessment of climate change is important, the setting of DoD policies related to climate change, and examples of actions being taken by the DoD.

●       Dec. 4: Dr. Arvid Bloom will speak on Overcoming Psychological Barriers to Climate Action. Topics will include why attitude change is so difficult, how irrational thinking limits what people will do, and how to overcome resistance to shifting toward a low-carbon lifestyle.


Jan:  Jay Carlis and Alex Fuller Young:  Choosing your own Electricity Supplier

Feb:  Bigger is Better when its a Passive Haus Building:  Laura Blau and Paul Thompson

March:  Global Warming, Climate Change and National Security:  Dr. Gerard Bricks

April:  Scalable Solar Solutions :  Bill Finch

May: Creating a Sustainable Future for Chester County – The Role of County Government :  Wes Bruckno

June:  V2G (Vehicle to Grid). Andrew Levitt is Consulting Project Manager for a Vehicle-to-Grid collaboration among NRG Energy, University of Delaware, Autoport, BMW, and EVGrid. V2G is a technology that provides grid stability, lower carbon emissions from the grid, and facilitation of renewables integration from the batteries of plugged-in electric vehicles. Our goal is to lay the groundwork for commercial-scale V2G, demonstrating commercial viability and establishing the required processes and regulations. Mr. Levitt has broad experience  on project management teams in the thermal, wind, and demand response power sectors, including work on construction, engineering, and project development.

We are working to expand this evening to included some additional vendors and non-profits from 5-7pm.  Our speakers will present in the West Chester Council Chambers from 7-8:30pm.  Check back for updates on this event!

July & August – No speakers – Enjoy the Summer  Come see us at one of our outdoor tabling events-check the events section!

Sept:  Penn Future:  Energy Center for Enterprise and the Environment : Christina Simeone


Jan 4th David Mazzocco; Architect  & LEED AP ;   “Making the Empire State Bldg  VERY Energy Efficient”

Feb 1st.  Sean Diamond ;  VP Of Projects Mainline Solar; “Utility Scale Solar Technology  and global locations & Issues Overview”

Plus a 2 nd Speaker:  ”What is a Green Funeral”- Matt Grieco.    Is Cremation Green?

March 7th-  ”Large Building /Malls Cooling Advances”  Daeem Salam of Tozour Energy Systems will discuss the ICE technology from Trane  Corp. that is a very efficient technology to cool large bldgs or Malls, etc.


April 4th  –  ”What is life Cycle Assessment”? – Todd Krieger  of DuPont will explain the what and how and why this tool is so important when comparing  the carbon footprints of different  products and various energy generation sources .

2ND Speaker: Ed Rahme; AIA, LEED  AP   “How to manage materials effectively in new construction & Remodeling”

May 2nd. “Sea Level Rise  - Caused by what ; from what and how much”  .  Jessica Pilarczyk a research scientist working on this topic  from Univ of Penn will help us understand the issues and projections  (and when we need to swim.).

2ND Speaker:  John DeMillion will share his experiences owning a Electric Volt.

June 2 – Helen Walter-Terrinoni;  Global Marketing Manager;  Foam Expansion Agents;  DuPont Fluorochemicals;

New blowing agents and Refrigerants have no ozone depletion and very very low Global warming potential (7 vs 1 for CO2).


July & August – No speakers – Enjoy the Summer


Sept  5: Danielle Kreeger, Ph.D.;  Science Director, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary;  &  Functional Ecologist, Drexel University.     Climate Change in the Delaware Estuary: Risks, Opportunities and Tough Choices”

Oct 3.  ”West Vincent Sustainability Plan”.  Learn what WV has done to help  their township become a lot more sustainable.  -Clare Quinn

Nov 7.  Robert Sylvester , retired engineer from DuPont :  ”What is Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and why is it so important for energy Efficiency?”     (Bob will also discuss how fuel cells are a form of CHP and examples ).


Dec 5:  TBA


Sept. 7th. Mary Hall;  Manager New Business Development; The Navy Yard;  Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC). Hear about how this has become an center of energy efficient companies .

Oct. 5th. Dr. Richard Chapas – Univ of Delaware. “What is Sustainability?”

Nov 2nd;  “The Economics of Carbon Pricing” – Dr Joseph Robinson of Villanova University.   He will also discuss the lobby effort: Citizens Climate lobby.

Dec 7th Aimee Erickson- Director, Citizens Coal Council .  ” Coal Impacts in W.Pa and the world”.  Learn what coal actually does