Speaker Event: January 11, 2017 Global Warming: The Science and Impacts on Fish and Wildlife

Chester County Citizens for Climate Protection

Invites You to Join Us

On Wed, January 11, 2017



The Science and Impacts on Fish and Wildlife

Presented by Ed Perry

Snacks at 6:30, lecture at 7:00

West Chester, PA Borough Hall

401 East Gay Street, Room 240


Global warming is here and people who enjoy the outdoors are already seeing its effects.  Unless we begin to reduce carbon pollution right now our kid’s and grandkid’s experience with the natural world will be much different from ours.  Scientists predict over 40% of all species on earth could go extinct.  Despite the solid science, there are some still in denial of a warming planet.  But there are no skeptics in the natural world.  Already, nearly every species of plant, insect and wildlife that can move north or to higher elevations is doing so.

Ed Perry is an aquatic biologist who retired in 2002 after a 30-year career with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, where he supervised the section responsible for protecting streams and wetlands.  Since 2007, he has traveled across Pennsylvania as an advocate for the National Wildlife Federation’s global warming campaign, educating hunters, anglers and conservationists about the effects of climate change on Pennsylvania’s fish and wildlife, and working with them to persuade their elected representatives to take action.

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