Speaker Event: January 11, 2017-Thank you Ed Perry

Thanks to Ed Perry for speaking to 4CP yesterday about Global Warming:  The Science and Impacts on Fish and Wildlife.


This was an very informative talk on how climate change is affecting the wildlife of North America, but in particular Pennsylvania.


One of the recommendations that Mr. Perry suggested to help combat these changes is to have individual homeowners switch to either a portion or 100% renewable electricity.  All homeowners in PA have the power to do this.  There are many renewable energy companies that you can purchase this from.  For a listing of all companies check out the state’s website:  http://www.papowerswitch.com/.


You can also choose a locally owned and run non-profit Coop to choose your renewable electricity.  The Energy Coop is located right here in the 5 county area in Philadelphia.  They have been a registered Electricity Generator for over 17 years.


We’ve had the electricity program manager from the Coop as a 4CP speaker a couple of years ago.


Check out their website (there is no membership fee now!): https://www.theenergy.coop/electricity

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