Speaker Series: December 14th-Ready for 100% Renewable Energy-Thank you Follow-up

Thank you all for attending the 4CP/Sierra Club Ready For 100 Workshop last week at the West Chester Borough Hall. It was great to see a strong turnout and lots of engagement with this important project.  Thanks to Jim Wylie, Janet Cleaver and other members of the Chester County Committee for the Sierra Club to make this event happen.


Jim had added you all (those that attended the meeting) to the spg-rf100 email forum – https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/spg-rf100 – you can review the posts we have exchanged so far, contribute yourself (just by sending an email to spg-rf100@googlegroups.com) or adjust your email settings (all emails, no emails, weekly summary). Let Jim know if you need help with this.


The presentations for both Kassie and Jim/Lee/Paula can be found on our project web page – http://southeastern.pasierra.org/rf100/ – as well as other project resources like our document share, planning matrix and a few videos about other communities that have made this pledge.


Jim wants to especially call your attention to the Mayor of Lancaster, CA in the “Cities and Counties leading the way to 100% Renewable Energy” video here – https://youtu.be/E0wQKk12uK0?t=6m2s – this is the kind of attitude we want to inspire in our township managers.


Additional information about this program can be seen at:  http://southeastern.pasierra.org/rf100/


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