Thank you Bruce Arnold

Thank you Bruce for your nearly 10 years of dedicated and devoted time as a 4CP Board Member.  Your accomplishments as both Treasurer, President and 4CP e-mail communications are greatly appreciated. 

While Bruce has stepped down as a Board member he will continue to provide volunteer assistance to the 4CP group by sending out our e-mail blasts announcing our Speaker Series and other important events.

If you’d individually like to thank Bruce for his work with 4CP, you can continue to e-mail him at:

Bruce Arnold was an employee of Scott Paper Co. for 35-years in roles in technology and manufacturing.  Subsequently, he operated his own consulting business for an additional 11-years.  He was a member of the national steering committee of 25x’25: America’s Energy Future (www.25× and has been engaged in several other national and regional renewable energy initiatives.  He believes that climate change poses such a serious future risk for his own children and grandchildren and for the citizens of the world that it is critically important that society moves as quickly as possible away from fossil fuel energy to the full array of renewable resources available, while continually improving energy efficiency.  Moving to renewable energy will improve national energy security and add countless new jobs to the American economy.

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