The Current State of Carbon Capture Tehniques by Dr. Michael Celia

Please join us on Wed. Nov. 8, 2017 – 7 pm at the West Chester Municipal Building, 401 E. Gay St., West Chester
It has become apparent that the countries of the world are not reducing CO2 emissions fast enough. Thus other technologies beyond renewable energy generation will be needed to “capture” CO2 so the earth does not become too hot.

One approach for reducing greenhouse gases and yet still burn fossil fuels in industries such as utilities, large chemical units, & steel production, is to capture the CO2. This captured C02 can be used to make chemicals, or it can be sequestered deep underground.
Dr. Celia will address, through interactive video, the current status and future of carbon capture techniques, including the cost and technical barriers & safety.

Dr. Michael Celia is a Professor of Environmental Studies at Princeton University, where he serves as Director of the Princeton Environmental Institute. Professor Celia’s areas of research include groundwater hydrology, multi-phase flow in porous media, numerical modeling, and subsurface energy systems with a focus on geological sequestration of carbon dioxide and shale-gas systems. For an article written by Dr. Celia, go to:
<a href=””>Geological Storage of Captured CO2</a>

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