What 20 years ago was regarded by many as science fiction is today a crisis. Respected scientists have reached the consensus man has only 10 years before we irretrievably damage our atmosphere. This damage is being primarily caused by greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide and methane which prevent the re-radiation of much of the energy we receive from the sun, and cause a rising temperature on our planet, i.e., Global Warming.

The source of these gases is well known. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is principally responsible and it comes from our automobiles and our electric power industry. There is no mystery as to what should be done: rein in the emissions of CO2, as drastically and as soon as we possibly can. Needless to say, we also must find a way to quickly relieve ourselves of dependence on foreign oil and ultimately find an alternative to all fossil fuel use!

Policy changes are necessary. States are acting and we can be proud of what Pennsylvania has been accomplishing. Cities such as Portland, Austin and Seattle are prominent in the battle against global warming. And as both states and cities act, employment is unfolding for thousands involved in renewable energy.

But all this is not enough! We need a groundswell by citizens to act, individually and on the municipal and county levels. Many are rising to this challenge…using various associations and groups. However, there is a perception the efforts are splintered and sometimes overlap. There is also a feeling leverage must be added to get things done in time to do some good.

Recognizing the various aspects of this situation, we have created a new, umbrella group called: “Chester County Citizens For Climate Protection.” Our mission reads as follows:

Chester County Citizens for Climate Protection is an organization dedicated to educating the community on the severity and serious consequences of climate change. In addition, the organization will promote actions designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to improve our quality of life.

We aim to be the focal point for Chester County citizens and their various organized groups seeking remedial or preventive action in climate change matters.

4CP Board Members:  Bruce Arnold, Janet Cleaver, Arvid Bloom, Bryan Hutchinson, Gerry Bricks, and Karen Melton.