Board Members

Our Board of Directors

Janet Cleaver,   ( Board Member since 2007.

Karen Melton, Secretary New Board member May 2013 (

Karen became a full time environmental activist following a career in Healthcare Information Technology. She spends her time presenting and writing about climate change and clean energy, organizing and participating in advocacy events, and lobbying elected officials for changes in public policy. Specifically she believes that putting a price on greenhouse gas emissions is the single most effective way to reduce greenhouse gases released by extracting and burning fossil fuels. She strongly supports the mission of 4CP to educate citizens and encourage them to become advocates for a healthy planet.

Bruce Arnold, Former President 2014-2015; Treasurer 2007 to 20014

Arvid Bloom:  Former Board Member from 2013 to Jan 2015

Gerry Bricks   Former Board member.  Active since May 2013

Bill Haaf:  Former Board Member from 2008 to early 2013

Bryan Hutchinson:  Former Board Member from 2010 to June 2016; Treasurer Sept 2014 to 2016.    He has had a lifelong passion for energy conservation, efficiency and sustainability.  Bryan continues to serve in an accounting and support role since stepping down from the Board since June 2016   Bryan is now a part-time Accountant with the Energy Cooperative Association of Pennsylvania.

Al Wright:  Former Board Member from 2011 to Jan 2014