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  • Thank You Makom Kadosh

    A collection was held by the congregation of Makom Kadosh, a small independent Jewish community in West Chester before Yom Kippur.  They contacted 4CP before the Jewish Holidays to put up information about 4CP and Climate Change to solicit their members for donations.  The proceeds were split with a national organization of their choice.   Rabbi Elyse-Seidner-Joseph presented a check to Treasurer Bryan Hutchinson after the holidays.   4CP thanks the members of Makom Kadosh and for Rabbi Ellyse-Seidner-Joseph for their contribution and concern for climate change issues.  Information on their organization can found at

  • New York Times Article on Coca-Cola and Nike-Acknowledging Economic Challenges of Climate Change

    Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change By CORAL DAVENPORTJAN. 23, 2014   WASHINGTON — Coca-Cola has always been more focused on its economic bottom line than on global warming, but when the company lost a lucrative operating license in India because of a serious water shortage there in 2004, things began to change. Today, after a decade of increasing damage to Coke’s balance sheet as global droughts dried up the water needed to produce its soda, the company has embraced the idea of climate change as an economically disruptive force. “Increased droughts, more unpredictable variability, 100-year floods every two years,” said Jeffrey Seabright, Coke’s vice

  • Welcome New Board Members

    Gerry Bricks and Karen Melton were voted onto the Board of Directors of 4CP at the May 2013 Board meeting. Please join us in welcoming them to the Board. More information about these impressive individuals can be viewed either by clicking on the home page under About Us-Board Members, or clicking here: 


    Please check out the following link.  Good discussion on Climate Change and the changing world; lots of facts and great graphics.   Our Thanks to Allison Lee for notifying us of

  • Letter to local Federal Representatives: Response to Cabon Tax Letter from Conservative Think Tanks

    We are attaching our letter that was sent out to our local Federal Representatives, in response to a letter sent to them in December by conservative think tanks. Letter to Reps re: Response to groups that oppose carbon taxes Read our letter-attached as a

  • Arvid Bloom-New Board Member

    The Board of 4CP is proud to announce that at the last regularly scheduled Board meeting, Arvid Bloom, a psychology professor at West Chester University, was voted in as Board member. More information about Mr. Bloom's background can be seen on our Board member page.  Or click here to be connected to this :  

  • Climate Science: Basics to Advanced

    Looking for a good begining place for "Climate Science" Or perhaps a more advanced perspective?   Check out:   Good educational beginning Video on Climate Change:

  • 4CP President Rides for Fundraiser

    Over the summer, 4CP President, Bryan Hutchinson, raised over $700 for 4CP by obtaining pledges from 4CP followers.  Bryan and 3 other friends rode their bikes over 30 miles down in the Nation's Capital.  Throughout Washington D.C, tourists saw this banner unfurled.   We thank the many contributors who made pledges for this fundraiser.   Some of this money was used to purchase the DC electric current bike we use at our tabling events.  The bike is a great way to get children to learn how difficult it is just to get a regular incandescent light bulb to turn warm.  While kids ride the

  • Fun and Easy climate change data over time

    Al Wright, our Board Member came across a great website that presents climate change data over time in a very fun and easy to understand way the site is  The site provides some nifty widgets that are available for use by the

  • February Meeting Topic

    Chester County Citizens for Climate Protection Invites You to Join Us On Wednesday, February 1, 2012   At 7:00 PM at the West Chester, PA Borough Hall 401 East Gay Street   To Participate in Our Program First: Sean Diamond of  Main Line Solar “The current Range of Solar technologies From PV on your roof; to huge & new technologies that utilities are using; to new R&D”   Plus he will explore the cost of solar vs. what you pay from the grid (per kWh); and what is grid parity for a residential installation vs. for a utility.