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  • May 2019 Newsletter

    MAY 2019 Newsletter The Goal: Zero Global Green House Gases by 2050  Editorial comments from Bill; feel free to comment My wife & I wish to buy an EV but don’t like tiny cars; we are willing to install home charger but concerned not enough chargers on the roads thus long trips seem to be a hassle – it takes longer to charge than fill with gasoline; Tesla chargers can only be used by ;  If you

  • April 2019 Newsletter

    The Goal:  ZERO global emissions by 2050 b Impacts: Global Migration America could have millions of refugees fleeing lack of water; food & heat. “If Liberals Won’t Enforce Borders, Fascists Will. We need to make hard decisions now about what will truly benefit current and future Americans”.by D. Frum. Positive Items: Thirty years ago, the New Yorker “The End of Nature,” a long article about what we then called the greenhouse effect. I (Bill McKibben) was in

  • March 2019 Newsletter

    4 C P March 2019       b   BARRIERS TO OVERCOME:   Global CO2 emissions rose 2.7 % Estimate for 2019 = 40.9 billion metric tons of C02. USA was up 2.5 %;

  • Jan/Feb 2016 Newsletter

    Please click onto our latest newsletter for great reading and informative news!   JANFEB_4CPNL_2016

  • Nov/Dec 2015 Newsletter

    Read our Nov/Dec issue for some positive news on climate change and renewable energy.  For earlier editions see "Past Newsletters" on the home page. NOVDEC_4CPNL_2015

  • September/October 4CP Newsletter 2015

    A big thanks to Karen Melton and the newsletter contributors for this version of our newsletter. SEPOCT_4CPNL_2015 (2)   If you have comments or suggestions please contact us using the "Contact Us" button on the home web page.   Don't forget this Saturday's Events:   Tree Planting Event:  Shaw’s Bridge Park/Brandwine Farms 10-17-15 9AM   5th Annual Green Earth Festival: 10-17-15 9am-2pm.  Phoenixville Farmer’s Marke:    Our next Speaker meeting at West Chester Boro building on November 11th at 7pm.  Climate Adaptation Planning:  City of Chester  


    Here is the current version.   Many thanks to Karen Melton and the Newsletter Committee:  Jennifer Anderson, Bruce Arnold, Avrid Bloom, Gerard Bricks who put this together for 4CP!   Thank You!

  • January 2014 Newsletter

    Our latest Newsletter:   JAN_4CPNL_2015

  • November/December 2014

    Attached is our latest edition of the 4CP Newsletter. Many thanks to Karen Melton and the other 4CP Board members and volunteers that contributed to this effort.   Have feedback or comments?  Please leave a note on our website under "Contact Us".   NOV_4CPNL_2014

  • September 2014 Newsletter

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