4CP is all volunteer.  All of the Board members donate their time to the continuing progression of our organization.  A committee of Board Members organizes, arranges and facilitates our monthly meetings, Bruce Arnold, our former President and Treasurer, updates our e-mail lists and sends out notices to our followers as well as heading up the membership committee.  Karen Melton is currently heading up the Newsletter Committee and serving as our Secretary.  Janet Clever has facilitated for three years the Winter Energy Forum with the Sustainability Advisory Council at West Chester University and has planned several new Speaker Meetings with cooperation of the Chester County Committee of Sierra Club.  Bryan Hutchinson handles bookkeeping and handles website administration, fundraising and provides support to all the other board members.  All this work is done without compensation.

While the board works for free, we do need to pay for items such as:  posters, printing, website set-up, Website Hosting fees, advertising and public outreach, etc.


Won’t you help us with our expenses by donating to the 4CP?

Our suggested contribution is $25/person; however you are free to donate any amounts you like.

Please click onto the PayPal Donation Button:


Or send your check to:

Chester County Citizens for Climate Protection (4CP)
C/O Bryan Hutchinson

1429 Cooper Circle

West Chester, PA 19380


4CP is a 501-c-3 non-profit corporation registered in Pennsylvania. Contributions are tax-deductible